Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Why Rome is unique Capital?

Rome is unique City in terms that it is city with which you fall in love  steadily and finally it runs like blood in your veins. And this Romance With Rome reaches at peak when You are away. Obviously, there can be few wrong thing,  with Rome like ;

You never find a straight road in Rome, Every Road is full of Zig Zags so if you have come Rome from another modern day built city , you will fell entangled but as usual you will be loving these Zig Zag and turns on Road.

Like other big Capital cities, Rome has traffic rush and blockade , But you are never bore of it because this traffic blockade can ends quickly in minutes and you will be having smooth drive again. So is the thing. 

One more thing when you come on Via Cassia , you start enjoying lush green City and you feel yourself in leap of nature. There are trees and beautiful landscape which will not let you run away from this natural captive and you will think that you love Rome.

Another thing Rome is full of history and ancient traces. you will astonished that how might and artistical those people were who had built these grand building. You will be in Center and  you will be a prey of the deep fetched colors of History. 

You have to visit largest shopping malls full of imported and italian articles which will allure you . You will be loving to shop here and there while enjoying beautiful music and colorful perofrmances by street performers.

You may also like to read a short guide to visit Italy as a Tourist Read this it may help you

Coffee in Rome has its own taste and if you have not tasted it you are going to miss one of the best coffee taste in the World. It is unique. It is tasty and it has its own flavor . ITALIAN FOOD i have yet not tasted so will write about that on some other day.

For the tourist who are visiting rome first time, they must should first search about famous places in rome. As it would ultimately save their money and precious time because they will be able to visit many places in short time. Further, it is better to walk in city center of rome then taking bus. 

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