Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Why media is giving wide coverage to Trump?

After the election result announced , now national and international media in USA is giving wide coverage to Donald Trump. You can turn every channel and see the ticker, headline and braking news is full of name of Donald Trump . From personal to political aspect media is trying to cover every single news related with Trump.

Couple of days ago Malenia trump decision to not shift in white house and similarly Mike Pence experience with Hamilton cast were given wide coverage. Today , Trump meeting with Tusli was the hot news. Every new thing from transition team to trump on any beat is coming as breaking news on the media. While during all these hypes Obama made the visit of European state. Which was his last visit of European states and moreover Athens' protest went unnoticed.

Indeed now after becoming president elect Donald Trump is one of the leading figure in the world and one of the most important personality among the political arena of the world . So every flash of the camera is focused on him and he is being given wide coverage.

One more thing which makes Trump important for media is his own way of saying and talking. He is blunt to comment upon certain things. He has his set of ideas and he is not reluctant to share those ideas even before the media. So media is taking his every word as great thing.

Another factor which lead the media to give more attention to Trump was his own way and style of doing things. He at once opened his twitter and said all in blunt manner. So his way of doing all these things became a flash news in media headlines. So commonly, we can say that his way and style became a unique factor behind his instant pick on media. 

With all these factors, Hillary Clinton was not less element. She was one of the powerful contestants.So her Presence also gave trump a leading role on media. Lady Clinton was saying all the things and Trump was there to counter her. So this cliff brought Trump on media main stream. 

Now a days media related people are running after a spicy news. They are ready to make a news apart from the nature of incident or the event. So this factor also strengthen the position of trump on certain elements. So he became famous as media tickers and news.

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