Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Why Justice is important in society & life?

Justice delayed is justice denied because the center idea of the justice which actually make it workable is human relief ? Since the world war-II to till day we have seen many episodes of human sufferings. We have seen genocides. We have seen molested faces of people. We have seen rapes . We have seen murders. Why these events are so far fresh in our memories because we could not do justice with our history . So where the Justice is denied there deprivation takes birth.

A society can survive without government but not without justice. During the second world war when Churchill was  approached by the people of London for his comments on the destruction : He said if our courts are working properly then no power of the world can defeat us.

Justice have many unique links with the growth and development of human being. If a single person’s rights are violated. it is not a simple phenomenon it is going to disturb the whole chain of society. It is going to make all the world discontented.

Justice is one of the most pivotal and very basic idea of human development because it gives birth to peace and harmony. Those who could not get justice they become violent member of society. So Justice be given wide importance and clear instructions. 

In present day society when life is becoming more complex and introduction of new elements of technology are making pace of life more rapid the  justice can be ignored. In this scene of justice there is a need to develop a human to human interaction to promote justice in society. This would ultimately promote indvidualistic concept of justice.

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