Tuesday, November 22, 2016

What Trump Will do? After his inauguration in January.

USA presidential election were not as easy this time as were predicted. It is more right to say that election 2016 were unpredictable. Hillary after coming out of her email crisis raised as the one of the strongest candidate for president ship. She was having a well recorded number of popularity votes. Moreover there was much more good omens for her to come to white house.

But finally Donald trump made the history and indeed history will remember the presidential elections of 2016 as on the greatest breakthrough in the history of USA.  so now after winning the election when trump will do is a question mark? As trump has made his way to white house in an outstanding manner. 

He will certainly revive the policies according to his own mind setup and will do a lot of things which are not according to his own things.But on the whole, he has many  thing to plan to run his president-ship and USA for next five year. Surely he will have to pick up what he scattered during his election campaign

He will take hard stance on immigrants as he vowed during his election campaign He will make white house full of his own choice and people who act upon what the thinks and what he says to do.No doubt this issued remained one of the corner stone of his policy during all his campaign. 

He as he has vowed to quit out of Trans-pacific partnership (TPP) so he will do it.He will put all his business experience in state matters.There are many other things which he can do. But the best thing on the part of People of USA is to keep hold and unity among their own rank for the future and brilliance of USA.

As he belongs to the business world, so Donald trump is going to run the affairs of USA according to his business line. He will surely encourage the business community. This would ultimately bring back many new jobs in USA and will bring somehow improvement in dollar. This would be in long run quite helpful for economy of USA to survive. 

But as far the trump is analysed in comparison with his predecessors, he seems more fluctuating. He seems taking things in extreme manner. But USA has always improved according to the situation, so now this era would decide that what the future of USA will be. 

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