Tuesday, November 22, 2016

What is Wrong with Trump ?

Here the result of US Presidential election are announced and people get stunned to know that world's leading democracy has chosen Donald Trump, a hard liner, their president. The man who is going to decide the world affairs for next coming years as 45th President.

It is not as bad as we are taking it but Hillary's defeat is not as easy to absorb for those people who have humble approach in politics. First of all, they recalled all those things which trump has said during his election campaign. You can easily watch on youtube vines non-amercian inhabitant making gesture that they will have to depart from their country of dreams.

Trump can be a true patriot as there can be some fault with our understanding. He may be thinking that the people other than his own people are causing harm to his country or may be his perception does not allow him to have humble view about the outsider. But the point is that people love USA and they want to live their.

Countries those who could not fall in the line which Trump had set during his campaign were afraid of the days, But Trump is going to be mild as he is now President of USA and his word and action can disturb the world. So Trump has nothing Wrong with him, it can be time which can settle his tide.

Mike Pence is there. In theater what Hamilton's cast has said to him, is absolutely he will try to do best for that. But management of USA is teamwork and USA had always good key players on scene. So Trump and USA are both going to do good .

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