Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Life within the EU

 If you are a visitor and you are looking for travelling to EU or to settle in EU states in future than you must should have the idea of life and living in  EU states. The way people, the way they enjoy the life , the way the interact with each other.  Indeed life in EU is totally different than wherever you lived in the world. There are too many things and all of these aspects are unique in nature and their dimension is totally different. 

first of all people like to live in peaceful environment. So is the EU state, for example you are in Italy, and in Rome, You can move freely at any time. There is no threat of snatching or robbery. You are alone or in company, you will enjoy. There is no fear. There is enough security protection and environment is much better.

In the same manner people across the EU states are hospitable. They will cooperate. If you are in trouble , they will try to help you in very possible way. But sometime they are reluctant because of your being from outside but generally they are helpful and have regard for outsider. 

The cost of living in EU is bit high but it is manageable you can enjoy a good standard of life in reasonable amount. You can have a car. You can have a good shopping and you can have loan support from various banks. But keep it in mind that you need to manage things in a wise manner and you should be better aware of good commercial places and things.

Usually English is spoken but the thing which sometime becomes problematic is your inability to speak local language. Like if you do not know to speak Italian, you can be in trouble in Italy. But hopefully, you will find someone who speaks English.  

Travelling within the EU for tourist is easy. They can use quick sources of online booking not only for trains but also for plains. Simply you need a credit card rest of the things are easy ans you can travel from one place to another. Similarly cab service is also easily available. You can search online on yahoo and google for it and call it freely.

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EU zone also provide you to have a good shopping across the border. If you feel you are buying a costly things in one EU Capital move to another easily by using train or by your own car and you will be able to buy cheap things in neighbor country. So this is also a unique factor  of the EU zone. 

EU zone have  good weather conditions specially for those people who love long spell of rains and deep clouds. People with a mood to love rain always would feel themselves in best geography for weather. This would give them ultimate pleasure and weather condition according to their own mood. This is what EU takes specially. Moreover, landscape of Europe is also one of the most beautiful landscape in the world. 

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For a photographer and specially the one who has photography as profession , the life within the EU is most beautiful and most interesting surely he will seek everything which is required for his profession. He will be having all the sites and all the clicks he wants in his life.

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