Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Simple rules of being popular

In life we often feel that we are unable to make a strong presence among the people and we are not attended in the manner in which we should be . So coming in this screwing situation we feel dishearten and sometime we fall a prey of depression . This is mostly happen when we try to get popular or famous among our social circle.

This situation can be avoided if we follow few simple rules . Because trick of the trades are better to be known because in this way you entry in your social circle would be most appreciated things and it will give you utmost joy and pleasure of life  and you will yourself happy.

First of all never demand always give. Because when you demand the things that ultimately portray your image of a troubling man. Ultimately your fame as most teasing person circulate in society. So when you give the things others in return respect and other thing. 

Respect is strange phenomenon like if you respect someone you will be given respect so before expecting others to respect you give them utmost respect in return they will give you back respect and honor in your circle.

Being on front line is big thing. be the person who takes initiatives and who completes his task in this manner you will be having a pivotal position in your circle and you would be most wanted and most awaited person.  

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