Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Schengen Citizen have to Pay Visa Fee in EU States

After the formation of European Union(EU) It was very fantastic idea to make all the state visa free for the citizen of member state. So the people were free to travel from Italy to France and everywhere they wanted to go in Europe Continent. This where was useful in cultural integration of Europe there it was beneficial for the people to learn and now each other.

Earlier there was no Visa fee and other Charges but now the people of European Union(EU) countries will have to pay 5 Euros as fee for visiting a country in Europe . There are two basic factors behind this decision and one is the proper control on the movement of the people so that their data can be checked and their travelling details from security point of view can be kept save for use in future. .

Indeed entire of the Europe is integrated now and people enjoy easy moving across the border. They enjoy their weekend in different part of the continent and this idea of charging fee although would not disturb people a lot but the response of the people in first instance would be bit dis-tasting.

In the coming days, it wold be observed that either this decision is good or not from people perspective. But Europe is a beautiful region to wander and to visit. Visitors will not be discouraged by this decision. After BREXIT , European Union(EU) need more fluent and flexible ideas to enhance cooperation and to promote cooperation.

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