Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Is Democracy good for Society?

Man's journey from caves to modern civilization is not a story of single day effort it took long time . During this long journey of man he has evolved various systems of government which on different stages failed. One of the main reason behind this failure of systems of government was the inability of  these systems to yield back to humanity.

Finally after passing from dynastic governments to oligarchy, nobility finally man stepped on democracy as its ideal form of government. This is finally working from United states of America to Asia and far east  areas. This is ultimately returning back to humanity in forms of better government and facilities.                                                                                                                                           

It is said that Democracy is government of People by the people for the people. This unique phrase explains the importance of Democracy for humanbeing. Because man is the real power in a true democratic system, A person from society chooses his own representative who ultimately work for the betterment of society. so this system work.                                                                                   

In a democratic government people are given their own choices and they are free to choose their own choice. So in this way people have representation in government and the Houses of parliaments become the representation of majority.    

Democracy also gives confident to people . They start believing that their system is originated from them and is pro-people . In this democracy helps to avoid chaos in Society. This is one of the unique feature of democracy.  This ultimately give rise to peace and harmony.  

but why democracy is not given importance in many countries is question which is basically related with non-democratic behaviors. In few countries we have seen that democratic government were many changed and dictators ruled for many years. This mostly happens because of few factors like;

illiteracy plays a vital role in failure of democracy. Because democracy involves majority of the people but where people are not well educated there the importance of democracy decrease and peoples do not participate in democratic process this is the ultimate failure of democracy. 

unawareness  is also a primary factor behind the failure of democracy. Because where people are unaware of their basic rights,there they have less interest in democracy thus the democratic process ultimately comes to failure. 

Democracy is the ultimate success of man  because it gives respect and honor to the common people so the values of the democracy must should be respected and honored . Democratic process should be continued for the benefit of humanity.                                                                                              

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