Tuesday, November 22, 2016

How to select a book for reading?

We usually on weekend try to find more sources of enjoyment . Some of us have indoor game, some outdoor game. Some of us plan to go out with family and usually now it is the age of Science and Technology , so we try to spend time on phone and other things. This has made book unimportant our life and we usually do not pay attention to book.

But as far a source of enjoyment is concerned book is a good friend and it gives you a lot of pleasure and happiness. But Now it is not the time to go to big libraries and to search the catalogers for books and later on fetch a book back home and read. There was wasting of time and off course people like to stay at home rather than going outside. 

Still it can be better experience if you go to library but if you are unable to go to library then there is a good opportunity to use digital library which is easily available in your android or iphone features. So library is with you . Now the next stage is your selection of book.

Usually taste of book vary from reader to reader. Like james have interest in History and adam like to read fiction. It is a thing where someone enjoy most . So the one who  is going to read should find book according to his own taste it will give him worth of his time and taste of literature in book .

Trend of book reading decreasing with passage of time . Which is an alarming situation. Digitization of world and availability of features like google, youtube and wikipedia has reduced the use of book but book reading on the other hand is not a bad thing. We should promote book reading among the children in early age so that they may develop positive habits of reading and book culture is promoted.

In the modern era when the trend of booking reading going down and technological advancement taking more space in the life of people, it is utmost necessary  to organise special events for promotion of idea of book reading among the people. Even the school colleges should introduce special session of book reading with variety of book. This would ultimately keep alive the concept of book reading among our coming generations.

There should be clear strategy to keep the old literature and contemporary literature together to introduce the young generation with the golden values of literature. Although online availability of the books in soft forms have though compensated the availability of the books but generally book reading has a great joy in it . Thus book reading should be promoted largely.

Book fairs in this regard play a vital role. We have seen that many international book fairs and award ceremonies have greatly contributed for the cause of promotion of book reading among the people. This unique aspect of fairs should be given wide coverage by media as well as people should attend such function with zeal.

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